IIDA Honors Aram Arakelian with Aram Arakelian Memorial Student Scholarship

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May 19, 2018
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Aram Arakelian Memorial Student Scholarship

On Friday, May 18, IIDA Southern California paid tribute to ECC Founder Aram Arakelian, his family, and Environmental Contracting by acknowledging his contributions to the organization and renaming the IIDA Student Awards Program to the Aram Arakelian Memorial Student Scholarship.  Having established the Student Awards Program in 1988, Aram Arakelian continued to support the program through his time, mentorship, and financial contributions to provide a pathway for success to students interested in design and architecture. He was passionate and dedicated to the success of the program and worked diligently to ensure its success.

In 2013, Aram Arakelian was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award for his contributions to the program.  At the Calibre Awards, where he was acknowledged with his recognition, he proclaimed, “I believe the design industry needs to own its future.  Not the vendors, contractors, or material suppliers – the designers.”

The announcement was made and certificates of recognition were presented to the Arakelian Family and Environmental Contracting at the 30th Annual IIDA Calibre Awards held at the Beverly Hills Hilton.


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